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Florida Divorce FAQ, Florida CPA
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"Do we need two lawyers to do a prenup or will one do?"

You really need two lawyers. A lawyer can only represent one of you; to represent both spouses (or potential spouses) is a conflict of interest. Your interests are not the same as those of your future spouse. Generally, one person hires a lawyer to draft the pre-nuptial agreement and the other person hires a lawyer to review and negotiate the terms. It is highly advisable for both parties to be represented by counsel.

Carin A. Porras is a partner at Brydger & Porras LLP in Fort-Lauderdale, Florida, where she is board certified in marital and family law. Carin has been recognized for her excellence in the field of family law by Super Lawyers. She treats every client with respect and dignity and guides them through every stage of their family law case.

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